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Hopefully this app will become the perfect companion for customising your Android Phone.

Blade Buddy PRO allows you go edit various system settings including:

- Hardware acceleration (required for some games to run)
- Disable boot animation
- Enable/Disable Stagefright codecs (helps some games, and videos - depends on device whether this helps or not)
- Disable forced camera shutter sound
- Change LCD Density
- Change WIFI scanning interval
- Alter Dalvik VM Heap Size
- Alter Dalvik VM Heap Start Size
- Alter Dalvik VM Heap Growth Limit
- Quick reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader, quick power-off
- Re-mount /system as read-write (PRO only - requires working busybox)
- Re-mount /system as read-only (PRO only - requires working busybox)

NOTE: this software requires a rooted phone and root permissions to work!
In addition, some functions require a recent version of BusyBox to be installed.
WARNING: changing system settings can put your phone into a non-working state. Please make sure you know what you are doing as I am not responsible for any damage caused by using this app.

User Guide

Click here to view the Blade Buddy User Guide.


Get Blade Buddy now from the Android Market.

Blade Buddy Pro

Please support me by purchasing the PRO version from the market:

Get Blade Buddy PRO now from the Android Market.

App Screenshots



Internet access and coarse location required for AdMob adverts (not shown in the Pro/Donate version).

Known issues

  • The current version write settings to /data/local.prop. If your ROM does not honour local.prop settings, then they will not have effect. Please contact me if this is the case.
  • Intermittent problems in getting root access e.g. for reboots, settings save. Work in progress to identify root issue and resolve.
  • If a property beginning "ro." is defined already in build.prop, the settings will not be over-ridden by local.prop. Future version will fix by erasing the build.prop lines for ROMS which hardwire these settings.
  • Blade Buddy allows you to shoot yourself in the foot. If you change your VM Heap Size to 1mb, for example, you will find that it will no longer boot. Similarly, if you change your LCD density to a strange value, the device may boot, but you might not be able to use it easily. Therefore to fix these issues, I created a Clockwork Recovery script. If you have Clockwork Recovery installed, just copy this zip file onto your sdcard and install it using Clockwork Recovery.


Recent changes are below. For older changes, please see: Blade Buddy Changelog.

Changes in v1.35
  • Add option to reboot when saving/applying changes
  • Make reboot/root permission more robust for some devices

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