DroidGram Reboot
This is a simple fast reboot app for Android devices allowing you to quickly reboot into recovery, fastboot, re-initialise the system UI or turn off the phone completely!

This app is integrated into Blade Buddy, so check out Blade Buddy if you don't already use it!


- Easy one-touch reboot
- Reboot into recovery
- Reboot into bootloader
- Fast simulated reboot by re-starting system service
- Power-off phone

Click for details: DroidGram Reboot
Webmaster | 8:09am, 25 April 2011.
Spare Parts Plus!
Spare Parts Plus! allows you to enable and change some hidden settings of your Android device.

For example:

- Enable/Disable compatibility mode to allow Apps to work at full screen size on Galaxy Tab and other large screen devices
- Control windows animation speeds or disable them entirely to speed up your device!
- Control haptic feedback
- View battery history and information
- View usage statistics
- And much, much more!

Click for details: DroidGram Spare Parts Plus!
Webmaster | 10:13pm, 17 April 2011.
DroidGram Timer Pro
This is simply the best and most ergonomic Timer application for Android devices!

Are you sick of twirling a dial or pressing an up/down selector 30 times to set a simple timer? Then this is the timer app for you! Just type key in the timer delay in minutes and hit "Add" button and the timer will begin.

Your timer can be set in as little as 2 key presses, compared to 30 or so in other timer apps on the Android Market.

Click for details: DroidGram Timer Pro
Webmaster | 10:50pm, 3 April 2011.
DroidGram Blade Buddy
Hopefully this app will become the perfect companion for customising your Blade.

Blade Buddy PRO allows you go edit various system settings including:

- Hardware acceleration
- Disable boot animation
- Enable/Disable Stagefright codecs
- Disable forced camera shutter sound
- Change LCD Density
- Change WIFI scanning interval
- Alter Dalvik VM Heap Size

Click for details: DroidGram Blade Buddy
Webmaster | 8:42pm, 25 February 2011.
Blade Unlock - Network Unlock for ZTE Blade and Orange San Francisco
Don't be tied down to an expensive network. Unlock your phone and save money!

This is a network unlocker for ZTE Blade and Orange San Francisco Android phones.

The app generates codes to network unlock your phone so that you are not tied to a specific network provider. e.g. instead of only being allowed to use Orange SIMs, you can instead use T-Mobile SIMs.

Click for details: Blade Unlock - Network Unlock for ZTE Blade and Orange San Francisco
Webmaster | 11:03pm, 22 February 2011.
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Webmaster | 10:57pm, 22 February 2011.